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Advanced Microwave Components has full manufacturing capabilities and has a fully certified quality system through ISO 9001 :2008 & AS9100C certifications.  Please take a look below at the different departments that make us a prime vendor for all your waveguide components. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


CNC Machining at Advanced Microwave ComponentsAMC utilizes FRYER milling CNC"S in its  machine department. These machines give us the flexibility to manufacture small "one off" projects and can operate with the  speed and precision necessary for the large production run jobs.  So regardless of you production needs AMC is prepared for any challenges you may have.

Waveguide Machine Shop at Advanced Microwave ComponentsThe machine shop has employees with 30 to 50 years of experience. So if you need it right and you need it fast there is no better place to have you custom parts machined.  AMC has numerious milling machines, lathes, drill presses, sanders, saws, and grinders.  

Waveguide Brazing at Advanced Microwave ComponentsThe welding department at Advanced Microwave Components has a quality skill level that is unsurpassed by any other Waveguide manufacturer in our industry. Our welding department has employees with over thirty year of experieince in aluminum torch brazing, copper torch brazing, tig welding and dip brazing.

Waveguide Dip Brazing at Advanced Microwave ComponentsOur new state of the art dip-brazing facility is on line and open for business.  This facility promotes itself as being eviromentally friendly. Our unique scrubber system, water cooling and recycle systems help us significantly reduce our impact on the enviroment and is unique to the manufacturing industry. 

Waveguide Painting from Advanced Microwave ComponentsExcellence from Start to Finish AMC's  LLC Advanced Metals Coatings is the premier finishing house in the South East Unites States. The shop offer Painting, Powder Coating and Silk Screening.  The processes are offered  with Mil-spec tolerances and commercial grade finishes.  AMC also offers custom colors with our wet paint and Powder Coating.  

Waveguide Testing & Measurement at Advanced Microwave ComponentsThe test lab's at our facility use Anritsu test equipment.  Our labs regualry test for VSWR, Insertion Loss, Coupling values, and directivity.

Experience To Trust

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With over 50 years of Microwave Engineering Experience, our facilities are ready to support all your Waveguide & RF communication requirements.

Modern Manufacturing

Waveguide Modern Manufacturing from Advanced Microwave Components

Advanced Microwave Components has made the ability to fabricate waveguide assemblies at anytime a top priority. If emergencies arise, and they often do, Advanced Microwave Components will deliver your waveguide assemblies when you need them on time and on budget. This service has been woven into the overall manufacturing management culture therefore. Rest assured, whatever your needs may be for waveguide assemblies, Advanced Microwave Components  will deliver quality stainless steel, copper, bronze and silver connector parts, on time, and at a competitive price.


Dip Brazing

Dip Brazing from Advanced Microwave Components

Dip Brazing joins pieces of metal by means of flowing a filler metal between the joint interfaces at a temperature below the melting point of the base metal but above 900°F.


AS-9100 Rev. D


800-171 Compliant



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